goddess within

benefits of meditation & creative coaching

Grow2bu is designed to assist you in self awareness & personal development. YOU have all the resources you need within you.  


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(Ray-Key) is a gentle, holistic practice that brings balance to your body, mind & spirit. This ‘laying on of the hands’ therapy promotes our body’s natural self-healing abilities by aligning our energy centers


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Meditation is a natural way to bring balance into your life. You can put your mind at ease by bringing awareness to your thoughts and attention to the present moment.


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experience the gift of calm


Through a variety of techniques, you can access the right side of your brain, allowing the natural flow of creativity. Opening to your creative self brings balance


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creative thinking for your body, mind & soul

yoga for the mind

Grow 2 b u

finding your path

  • Reduce stress, anxiety & depression
  • Provide clarity form scattered thoughts 
  • Bring grace to the aging process

Providing on-site

Yoga in Rochester

Meditation in Rochester


Treat your self to a weekend or one day escape (for women) and get in touch with your inner Goddess. Reconnect with the feminine beauty inside of you and let her light shine


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  • Reduce pain & strengthen the immune system
  • Sharpen memory, alertness & decision making
  • Heighten intuition & creativity

Are you longing for the freedom from non-stop activities and endless responsibilities? Are you always on the go? Do you feel like you have no time for YOU?

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